My 5 Buying Tips for a Luxury Property as Residence

August 17, 2021

Have you been hunting for a luxury home in Dubai and planning to live in it full-time?

Searching for the perfect home does come with a few challenges. This involves sourcing a property in the right neighborhood which matches your ideal lifestyle. A bit of knowledge and some guidance from the right real estate professional can ensure that your investment is a success.

I suggest these five tips to help you find the luxury property that suits you perfectly.

Assess your lifestyle priorities

Each homeowner prefers a certain lifestyle. For some, it could be proximity to the beach. For others, it could be living in a golfing community or a sports club in Dubai. As a high-end buyer, you desire a lifestyle that only exclusive neighborhoods offer. Only a select few communities would feature your interests, and this is where you can begin your home hunt. Whatever your version of the idyllic lifestyle, decide on its details before looking for a new home.

Know your list of amenities

The best way to search for properties in Dubai is to start online. You can always filter your search based on your requirements such as location, number of bedrooms, car parking and amenities. This could include everything from public parks, restaurants, clubs to nearby grocers. Make a list of the “must-haves” for your new apartment or villa. This will save you from getting swept up in the excitement and making an imprudent decision.

Take the time you need

Buying a home is long-term investment and involves a substantial amount of money. Every buying scenario is different based on the factors most important to you. You need to consider your options and zero in a property that checks all your boxes. There’s nothing wrong with being discerning and taking time to assess the purchase decision from multiple viewpoints. An experienced agent can help you better comprehend the feasibility of the property you’re considering, and the impact of the purchase.

View the property in person

Seeing photos and assessing a property online gives you only limited information. It’s always advisable to view the property in person at least once before buying it. A visit and talk with the neighbors can you give you a feel of what life will be living there. A property agent dealing in luxury real estate market can schedule the property viewings at times convenient to you.

Work with an expert property agent

Buying a high-end property does involves a lot of price negotiations, legal formalities and paperwork. Also, rounding up prices for unique homes are slightly more challenging in the luxury sector. It’s best to work with a professional realtor who has the right expertise and your best interest in mind. He/she will help you with every step of the purchase process, from deciding on the type of home and neighborhood you want to live in to negotiating prices, financing options and closing the deal.

Preparing to buy a luxury property?

Dubai has a line-up of exquisite mansions, lavish townhouses and luxury apartments in prestigious spots -by the beach or adjacent the golf course. As a prime assets’ advisor, I have the market knowledge and experience to help buyers worldwide locate the finest homes in Dubai for sale. No matter what type of specific requirement you have, I commit to help you find your perfect dream home.

Connect with me on / +971503544582.


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