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August 16, 2021

Dubai’s property market is witnessing a buying frenzy from wealthy international investors, with luxury villas being the hottest segment in the market. The first quarter of 2021 witnessed the sales of more than 6,000 ready homes worth 13.5 billion dirhams and 3,600 off-plan properties worth 5 billion dirhams. Bloomberg goes on to report that Dubai’s most exorbitant homes fetched a total of 1.7 billion in March this year and this period has been the busiest for property advisors in Dubai.

All these statistics indicate a point– It’s a boom time for Dubai’s Luxury Property market.

I believe the hot streak in the luxury property market 2021 has a lot to do with UAE’s forward-thinking approach and its staunch outlook for the betterment of the city. The recent attractions being 100 percent foreign ownership of businesses and the Dubai 2040 urban master plan. Apart from the attraction factors, the way the Dubai Government ardently handled the pandemic caught the attention of people residing overseas. The city’s quick recovery has boosted the confidence of global investors and has encouraged them to view the UAE as a haven to park their money.

Given these facts, the number of enquiries about Dubai properties from investors worldwide has seen a surge. As waves of new infections continue to plague countries worldwide, foreign buyers’ influx with cash are flooding Dubai’s high-end property market, one of the finest places in the world where people can live, shop and do business with ease. They are snapping up record numbers of luxury villas and penthouses being bought at rocketing prices in this booming market. A big share of wealthy buyers for these exclusive villa projects in Dubai come from Europe, India, China and Russia, seeking a better quality of life to escape the rages of the pandemic.

The rise in demand is particularly for the affluent properties located on Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Dubai Hills, Golf Estates and Downtown Dubai. These mature residential hubs provide residents access to a plethora of lifestyle choices and modern amenities. The interesting part is that in most cases sales have been agreed upon without physical viewings even taking place. Investors are flocking in and buying multimillion dollar properties on the spot, with no due diligence time whatsoever.

The post-pandemic period has shown the world how the highflyer city of Dubai can thrive in a crisis. Since Q1 of 2021, the Dubai real estate market has been very buoyant and will continue to flourish. As the government continues to shroud the cloud off the pandemic with rigorous long-term plans and roll out of well-thought incentives to stimulate the economy, this will have a positive influence on the housing market.
As a luxury realtor with an intimate knowledge of the land and an understanding of the intrinsic value of the properties, I can assist you to make a secured investment. I seek to understand the motivations of the investors and their heritage of wealth, before I latch them onto leading property developers in the city to spur their investment decision.

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